Clutch cover mystery

can anybody tell me what the boss is on the back of my 84 fe,have not seen one on any other covers i have seen20200807_185731_LI

Never seen that before either, and I’ve had about 20 different motors, could be for right hand shifter, have seen mods like that for racing??

This hast not been done by Honda.


A friend modified my cover to be able to see the oil level.

Saw and replied to this on facebook,some race 750s had a right hand change,worth checking as the race ones were generally magnesium rather than alloy


It does look like it has been professionally done i will be taking the cover off to have painted so will be interesting to see,did not know they raced them,my bike is an early fe but not registered until october 1985 which again is a bit of a mystery the engine number is sc15e2001605

Might have been made special, I had sumps cast up for my sidecar, to allow the engine to sit lower in the frame.vfnew1


Here is a detail pic from mine. They welded the cover to get more material an cutted a thread. The window ist screwed into the cover.


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