Clutch reservoir

Hi guys I’ve got a 86 vf1000ff but its been stood for a long time at least 10years
The thing is the fluid in the clutch had dried up and turned to gunge grease
I have cleaned reservoir out and new hydrolic pipes and back together but its not pumping fluid
Took reservoir back of can’t see a prob unless I’ve lost something is there a ball bearing that sits inside the reservoir as it looks like there could be but I can’t find if one came out in case I’ve lost it and not known
Does any one have a pic of the reservoir maybe of a fish plate (yes I know wasn’t a fish) but can’t remember the proper spelling
Thanks NeilScreenshot_20200504-090344_Gallery
Pic of my daughter on it and now her daughter on it I’ve had bike since early 90s but other bikes and relationships left it stood but as in pics still in good fettle new tyres discs and pads and service now ready for the road apart from the clutch prob so hope you guys can help

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Hi. It’s very difficult (nearly impossible I found) to bleed the clutch with the lever at the master cylinder once the system has been drained. It really needs a vacuum pump to suck the fliud through from the slave cylinder. I purchased one of these and it took me 5 minutes to do.

Crossy is correct. I did this yesterday after a rebuild and had to resort to a syringe connected to the slave nipple to draw the fluid down before it would start to bleed as usual.

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thank you I honestly had thought I had lost something I will try and thanks again

The other method is to use a syringe on the bleed nipple (I normally thread tape it) to fill the system from the bottom,this bleeds the system as it goes too


Just an update I’ve done it with a syringe I don’t have a vacuum pump but got away with a syringe
But thanks you again for the feed back and help
Just waiting for the lockdown to lift then back on the road
Thanks again Neil