Clutch slave cylinder gasket

Learned Collective,

My clutch slave cylinder is leaking (again!), so I’ve bitten the bullet and bought new seals, piston, spring etc to rectify it.

I can’t find a part number for the gasket anywhere in the parts lists.

I have two questions:

1: Can anybody give me a lead regarding the gasket part number / where I can get a gasket from?

2: As this is a wet clutch, operated by a rod and piston arrangement, will there be any engine oil leakage when I unbolt the slave cylinder to refurbish it?

I apologise for these rookie questions.


Hi Chris, there are oil seals protecting oil flow from the clutch rod, so if you don’t remove the rod and the seals are in good condition then there should not be any oil leaks. Are you sure that it is your clutch slave cylinder that is leaking and not one of the clutch rod seals?
We were all rookies once, and after 50 years I still learn something new quite often.

Thanks, John.

It’s definitely the slave cylinder that’s leaking - it’s clutch fluid, not engine oil, and the reservoir level is slowly but surely dropping.

For the record, this will be the second seal reolacement that I know about; the previous one was done by the Australian Eejit when it was cosmetically restored.

'Nuff said there, I think.



No probs Chris, sounds like you got it covered. I checked all my parts books too and it appears that they don’t have the gasket numbers anywhere, even in the gasket sets, as you said. There are a lot of seals in that area so maybe they don’t use one. (been a long time since I actually worked on one, even though I have a few in the garage, so can’t remember). I will check my manuals tomorrow and see what they say. Maybe some of the other members, like Bif will know. Try sending him a personal message.
Stay safe,

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Hi Chris, there isn’t a gasket between the clutch slave cylinder and engine case, you won’t have any engine oil come out if you remove it, it’s too high up,
I would just buy a refurb kit off ebay, should come with a couple of seals and the return spring…