Clutch spring wear

If you look at the photo of an RE clutch spring there are wear marks on the high side of the spring. Shiny marks show wear.
Is this normal?

Hi Downunder,

I´d say yes that`s quite normal and caused by the part number 7( please see below), which has direct contact with the spring.
At least my spring looked similar, I thought that might be the reason for the slipping clutch, but I was wrong, changing the spring brought no improvement.
In the end it was the wrong engine oil ( semi synthetic ), changing to mineral oil did the trick!

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Thanks Joe,
I thought it might be abnormal wear but it appears this is just how the clutch works.

It’s not the type of oil that causes the clutch to slip, It is the anti friction additives in the oil that causes the clutch to slip. The clutch plates need to stick to each other so the additives work against that stick. Depending which era you are from sometimes decides which type of oil is best. Some claim mineral and some say synthetic we can even get semi of both. You can use any oil as long as it matches the recommended grade and has no additives to make the clutch slippery. If you purchase solely oil made for wet clutch motorcycles then you can’t go wrong.