Clutchspring renewal

Good morning!
The clutch of my 1000R is slipping around 7000 revs. Engine oil is a quite common 20W50.
Since I have nothing else to do on christmas eve, I´m going to check the clutch system after Santa has left.

I have seen that they sell EBC clutch springs # CSK 903. I found it fitting for a Yamaha XV 1900A Midnight Star but it should fit as well our nice VF1000s, no matter if F, F2 or R. That sounds a little strange to me…but on the other hand, why not?

Has anybody out there tried one of these springs and can confirm or not confirm that?
I will change the friction plates as well, which ones would you recommend?
Thanks for your help and best wishes

VF1000R and VF1000F clutches are the same part numbers.

I think I would be trying some 10w40 motorcycle specific oil before starting to pull the clutch apart.
I have only come across 1 bike that actually needed a new spring and that was a race bike putting 150bhp out at the back wheel.
There is a guy in the US modifying gl1500 springs to fit the VF,I have my doubts about the Yamaha spring being a straight swap,if it was going to fit I would have thought EBC would have it on their fitment list.
Regards Bif

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We ended up putting a second spring in, with a small spacer under the centre piece that retains the spring, otherwise it flipped the sping inside out! this was done on the advice of a friend who had spent years developing the engine in his sidecar (200+ HP). Does make the clutch quite heavy though, but only used it off the start line and downshifting, never slipped again. We ran Penrite HPR60 in the race engines, just neededbath to warm up well before using any serious revs!

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