Clymer Manual-usable for VF1000R?

So my question is…

Clymer Workshop Manual Honda 700-1000 F Interceptor

Is this worth getting to help this newbie with maintenance and building knowledge on my VF1000R ‘85??

All the workshop manuals and parts lists that are on here are mega but I need the basic Haynes type manual to show the fairing removal and all them easy jobs so I don’t mess anything up!!!

Hi Matt,
They are completely different bikes, UK 1000r manuals are hard to come by, the closest other is 1985 american/Canada 1000r model, pretty much the same bike but no oil cooler, different carb jetting and some switch gear/electrics due to the double headlight…

Cheers Pete,

Saved a few ££’s buying that. I’m trying to use the workshop manual to navigate my way round the bike but not that easy to flick through as a hard copy!

Trying to find a leak in the top radiator so need to get the front nose off.

It’s all a learning experience I guess!! I had planned to be riding the bike more in summer and do the restoration over winter. :roll_eyes:

The Clymer gives some more general hints. But it does not cover “R” specific parts. If you have some experience on bikes you have no need for this one.

There is the driver manual. This has more Details (200 pages + pics) compared to other manuals. There seems to be an english pdf version available.

And there is the US workshop manual. It has more details than the driver manual, but does not cover 86 EU modifications.

I have got all of them, mostly using workshop manual.

Cheers Faxe,

I think I’ll give the Clymer a miss as I have managed to strip all the fairing and the majority of the front already.

I don’t suppose I could be cheeky and ask for a copy of your .pdf versions???

Thanks in advance.

Sent you a PM.

How about copyright issues in this forum? Every german forum doesn’t allow links to site where you can download something that is probably protected by copyrights. If it is allowed, I would post this link for everybody.


@Faxe send me a link to the pdf I will add it to the downloads section of the site and share that link with the forum.

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