Con rod shells

I’ve been doing a bit of research into availability of these by now rare items.
At first there was a bit of confusion as I was trying to follow the colour code,this changes from the FE/RE model to the FF/RF.Early model shells are used from both front and rear rods and so have two oil holes and are available in A,B or C
For the later model the shells have only one oil hole and so are different on the front from the rear.
It is however possible to use the early shells in the later engine and so make it simpler to source.
I will sort a chart out properly,it’s a bit of a scrawl at the moment and post it,it helped me so may be of use to someone.
Regards Bif

If I remember correct, Honda substituted one-hole models with two-hole models. I overhauled my VF1000Rg-engine, and assembled some two-hole bearings there too. It was interesting issue to collect all bearings for the engine, but I succeeded, and have driven about 20 000 km since.

I’ve had to mix and match to get a full set of bearings for the conrods and main bearings.
Dave Silver in the UK CMSNL and MSP.EU in the Netherlands were all used to get enough to complete the job.
Is there anyone else you have used?
Regards Bif