Coolant for VF500F2

My coolant needs topping up. I’ve been told i should use the same coolant that’s already in but i don’t know what coolant the garage put in (they are closed for the lockdown so i can’t ring them). Can i just top it up with any coolant or will it cause problems?

Go to asda,tesco, aldi or screwfix and buy a liter of Prestone readymixed coolant. It mixes with anything without causing any problems whatsoever. I run all my bikes on this stuff.

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A friend sent this article to me. That is why i was worried about putting the wrong coolant in.

Like I said the Prestone is safe to mix with anything that is already in a motorcycle. I know people can overthinkthings sometimes and yes there are different types of antifreeze but times change and so do products, that is one of the reasons that I feel ok about recommending Prestone. It is very good and will mix with anything that was recommended for alloy engines and that is almost all motorcycles.

One of the good things to come out of the EU is that one brand of anti freeze that is sold for a specific purpose (for example one sold as compatible with Aluminium engines) must be fully mixable with any other brand of antifreeze that is sold for the same purpose.

Modern automotive antifreeze products are pretty well universal in this respect, so you should be ok whichever one you use.

Just be sure to get the concentration right for the level of protection you require.

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Thank you frew168 and ChrisB. That’s put my mind at ease. I’ll be going out to get a bottle of Prestone.

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