Cooling System

Just bought an 85 FF and have heard about how some overheat so would like to drain, flush and refill the cooling system. I found the resevoir and the filler, but haven’t found a drain plug yet! Haven’t got manual yet either.

Can anyone tell me how I drain the system? Also anyone have any links to free downloads for a service manual?

Cheers John

Yep, theres a 6mm bolt in the water pump cover, 2 6mm bolts in the front cylinders just below head gasket level and I think there is also one inthe bottom of the left frame tube the coolant runs through. You can download manuals on the front page. Cheers TAZ

Cheers Taz. So does that mean all those parts you mentioned have to be opened and drained individually? The only water cooled thing I’ve ever owned is a car where you just undo one drain plug at the bottom!

Best to open all but at least the one in the frame and the 2 in the front cylinders, otherwise you will leave dirty coolant trapped in there somewhere.