correct parts

I need the rear disk pads and the choke cable for me 86 vf1000 f2f bol dor but every one seems to list different parts just want to go get the right ones and any ideas on getting better braing performance
cheers Dave

should have said braking performance …

I find it best to use original makes of pads or EBC are good
Choke cables vari but you would think there in not much difference but I maybe wrong[8D]

Hells bells what did you ride before a tornado jet?
No go, no stop you must have one awfull bol dor, both mine shift pretty well and stop reasonably well too.Obviously not as well as 2012 super bike but good considering 26 years old.After 26 years development bikes today should do 300 MPH and stop on a 20 pence piece.[?][?][?][?]

Hi Andy …well yes cpompared tpo the R1200 RT iTS DIFFERENT BUT… Compared to other bikes it doesnt go as well as it should , it doesnt stop as well as it should the choke cable niplle parted company and it feels like it is running on part choke all the time. The back brake pads are due for renewal I put braided hoses on it when I got it to help things but it feels liek they brakes need bleeding. just not firm . You really have to brake early for corners. when throttled off going down hill it feels retarded as if the brake is intermittently coming on at the back and it just doesnt feel right . … Its been two years since I came back to riding bikes and feel like I ride the bike now rather than just sit on it and go places .
David silvers advertised brake pads fpr the bavck are different that wemotos. the whats the difference between GG and HH AND WHY USE SINTERED PADS? tHE CHOKE CABLE i HAVE SEEN ADVERTISED SHOW THREE FIDDERENT FRONT ELBOW CONNECTIONS excuse the caps lock . and i tend to use the rear brake into corners if I have to brake at all so only slight pressure on it ,
So to answer the questions , MY bike is not performing the way others describe their bikes performance and I really would like it to perform to the best of its ability which will still be streaks ahead of mine I expect .
I dont want to get a modern 600 to play on , the RT or a Pan will do for long trips with my daughter but for me going out for a run on my own I would really like to know this bike is going to go and stop and turn the best it can . It runs better at night or in the wet I find , It flattens the battery way too quick considering it gets used at some time every day , But for all its faults I still love it to bits and just want it better !!!

The back tyre is up for renewal to was gpoing to go with Michelin road pilot the same as the front but choices are 140 or 150 ? The Bike red lines in 1,2,3 BUT NOT IN 4TH AND 5TH iT HAD NETAT CANS ON WHEN i GOT IT BUT TOOK THEM OFF AND FITTED THE STANDARD BLACK ONES from italy which are supposed to be direct replacements for the originals … maybe that was the wrong thing to do ? when I have got the money sorted I really want it put on a rolling road and tuned properly … unless I can find a really good bike mechanic who can breathe on it and make it make toast ! …

I use HH pads they give good braking and service.It does sound as if brake calipers could do with an overhaul.Dont think elbow on choke cable will make much difference,ive used vf 400 one on one of my bol dors.Re reading your bit on rear brake a partially seized calliper will give that effect.Like your self i like to use rear brake to settle bike for corners but find unless used easily or not under power it tends to lock rear wheel.I wouldnt do the 150 its a little oversize for wheel and doesnt give correct profile.The best all round tyres i have found are Bridgestone bt 45s. Hope this goes someway to help. PS where are you in relation to Gloucestershire.

hi andy Abouut 180 miles North of you parallel with manchester . i HAD BT45’S ON THE BACK PREVIOUSLY SO WILL STICK WIGTH THAT ONE FOR NOE oops or have a road pilot to match the front tyre and then go back to bridgestones front and back next change probably ///

Liverpool side or goole hull side? Asking becausein august am going over to MGP but going early 3 august if l/pool side and your not fixed up i could maybe have a look on way thro.