country bumpkins, ace cafe adventure

myself and philjo will be heading down to the ace cafe (london) on sunday 7th june, anyone else fancy heading into the big city to see whats going down

Hi Pete, will be there myself on the VF. What sort of time ?


It’s not terribly far for me to come say hello, what time approx etc?

hi tassi, martin.

we are aiming to get there for about 11.00ish, hopefully the weather will be ok, it is June after all, although it felt like march today :frowning:
So looking forward to catching up on sunday.

Tassi, ive pm’d you my mobile number incase you need to get in touch on the day
Martin, you should still have my number from before

Yes, I still have your number Pete. Hope to see you there about 11.00. You’ll be the one chewing a carrot ?


Will be in the IOM for TT…

Lucky man Roger, I’ll be watching it in the telly…

been down to the big city today, 394 mile round trip, the ride down the A1 was great, i had forgotten just how good that road is with no road works and most of the speed cameras gone. The last few miles to the ace were busy, got cut up loads of times by car and bike riders. one “plant pot” in a convertible cut straight across 3 lanes of traffic and nearly took the vf front wheel off,
it was good to catch up with martin, who was just parking his bike up as we arrived, just in time to get the round of tea’s in

Yes, it was nice to see the lads from “oop narth”. I can vouch that Pete’s “special” looks a treat and obviously mechanically good as it got him down and back home again. Fortunately they behaved themselves but there was a moment when Phil had to wait quite a while for his meal and I worried he might start turning the tables over and shouting but luckily an attractive waitress managed to placate him. They even used knives and forks. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Seriously, must do it again sometime.