Couple of lame questions from new member

I have a couple of questions regarding my newly acquired vf1000r.
Firstly how do you reset the trip meter. I have a feeling something may be broken as no amount of twidling of the knob makes any change to the meter and the numbers are not moving when I am on the road. Its stuck on 4444???
Secondly did the 85’s come out with a centre stand. My bike has 4 into 1’s so if one was fitted it must have been removed the get the pipes in???
Any help appreciated.


My F model has aftermarket exhaust, four into 2, the center stand has been removed for the pipes.
You should be able to see the brackets on the bottom center of the frame, unless they have been cut off.
I think the trip meter on the R is a push to reset type, so may be broken.

The “R” didn’t have a centre stand, saving weight for this racing model. It’s side stand fun for you.

Thanks PAJ. I thought that may have been the case. Do you know if one off a 1000f will fit?