Crankcase pressure

So I couldn’t help but buy another…nice and cheap I thought.
But perhaps I did too much drooling and not enough checking !!??
Saw it run and it looked fine…got it home and in the garage noticed some smoke ( smells very rich too)
Is it burning oil I thought…didnt look like or smell like oil…no wet exhausts.
So whilst running I removed the oil filler…and it blows quite hard.
Its dome 47k…Wouldnt have thought this is normal…
Am I now the proud owner of a Turkey :roll_eyes:

.bike was off the road from 2007…chap ought it last year and recommissioned it…never rode it and has sat for a year or so until I bought it…starts perfect…bit does smell of fuel…no leaks
.fuel is a year old E5

I am presuming you mean AIR filter.
There is a massive movement of air inside this engine,the rear rocker cover vents into the puke bottle under the seat where any vapour condenses and the air vents into the airbox.
This is normal,47k isn’t high miles for these bikes.
Take it out,spank its bottom and run some fresh fuel through it,a good airing will do it the world of good.
The FF maybe to some a slightly ugly duckling but yours ain’t no turkey,ride and enjoy

Hi Bif…no I did mean filler !
Had a quick look at it yesterday
Breather tube is dry…sump smells lf fuel mlre tha normal.
When recover from my hernia op I will go see my Vf.FE and make some comparisons…then do the basics…compression tests etvc

If the sump smells of fuel then possibly either the fuel has been left on, and has leaked into cylinders via non seated needle and seat in carb into sump?
As @bif suggested, flus old fuel out of tank and carbs, change oil to a non friction modified oil and “spank its bottom”!
I reckon it’ll come good?

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If the crankcase smells like fuel then you certainly have had petrol in there. How much is hard to say. One thing for sure is you should not run it again until you have drained and flushed out the crankcases and replaced the oil filter. Depending on how much and how long there has been fuel in there will depend on how much wear has happened on the bearings. I have an FF in my workshop with, what I believe, has the same problem and one hell of a knock in the bottom end. Will be pulling the whole motor down for a rebuild and replacing with another good motor to get it moving in the meantime. Petrol in the oil destroys the crank and big end bearings real quick. Check that carbies are leaking or not after changing the oil or risk burning your bearings out. I was told that the bike I have had been sitting around too and it was making a knocking noise when I bought it but I had a motor to go into it. What Speedy and Bif have said is good advice too but get the crap out of your crankcases and start again with clean oil to protect them bearings.

Have to say the motor is quiet …good start

Also the oil light is out instantly :+1:

So cold compression test today shows 185 on each cylinder…leak down test was satisfactory :+1: