Crankshaft differences VF1000 R & F - replacement

Hi guys,
I have recently acquired VF1000R ´84 with jammed crankshaft and maybe piston too. Probably not realistic - but does anyone know whether VF1000F has the same crankshaft / crankcase like the R model?
Hard to get hold of any R engine here in Europe so Im looking for some solution (VF1000F parts replacement).

Many thanks!

Hi Mike,
I dont know the answer to your specific question but perhaps Fred does ? Why not open the engine up and find out exactly what has gone wrong with it. You dont want to put a chain driven cam engine into a beautiful gear driven cam derived chassis unless you really have to, surely ?

hi mike,
the cranks will be different between the “R” and “F” models as one has gear driven cams and one has chain driven cams, im not 100% sure but i think its probably unlikely that a “R” engine could be converted to chain driven cams as there is a lot of associated stuff that all needs bolt holes to fasten in,(camchain tensioners, chain guides, sliper bases and not to mention the cams them self…
I believe it is possible to change full engins between “Fe” and “Re” and also between the “Ff” and “Rf” and later models.

It is definitly impossible to exchange flywheels between R and F, as Pete guessed. You can exchange the engines RE for FE, RF or RG for FF or FG, that’s all you can do! If you’r greedy for trouble, you can shoehorn a F or G engine in an E frame but it’s a harsh job!

Gents, I´m really not a jerk who inserts F engine in R bike [:D]
Anyhow thanks a lot for your tips!
The thing is that I have one ´84 with good engine / bad fairing and ´86 Rothmans with blown engine / good fairing (sorry - mistake in my first post whre I said I have blown 84 model).
So I´m thinking whether to repair the 86 engine and have two bikes or alternatively insert 84 engine in Rothmans model.
But as I have understood from answer of vf1000f.24 it could be troublish to place older 84 engine into 86 model either…
Love these bikes but its really hard to find them here in Czech Rep. - max.10 in the country and on European Ebay no engine available [:(]

Hi My-key, I was not clear enough in my reply, you can, with little trouble, fit an E engine (84 model) in a 1986 frame. It is the reverse that is troublesome!

Thank you all for advices!
Will leave the decision to te forthcoming winter evenings [:)]