Crashed again

Hi All,

just thought i would fill you in on whats hapening since i have not been here for a few weeks.
It is True, i have crashed again, but it was not a cow this time.
I was staying at a mates property with my daughters and brother inlaw and his 2 sons teaching them all how to ride (do as i say, not as i do), my oldest daughter (16) pissed me off big time and my brother inlaw could see this so he decided to call me out for a big ride on our XR’s (he has got one as well as a FZ1000). I was riding my XR on some awsome fire trails down near Kangaroo Valey when at warp speed, a corner popped up in front of me, lost control and crashed into the dish drain on the side of the road.
My brother inlaw managed to pick the bike up and start it first kick.
stupid me was riding in Joggers, geans, t-shirt and jumper but i did have a helmet on.
He put my jogger back on which was about 50 meters up the track and i climbed back on her and rode 4kms back to the property we were staying at.
When we got to the property i agreed with him that i should go to the hospital 20 minates away (this was the most painfull 20 minute ride in a ute i have ever experianced, would have called for an ambulance but no reception.

Damage to bike, 2 broken indicators and a broken headlight surround.
Damage to me, hole the size of a golf ball in my left foot, fluid sack (heamatoma) in my left hip, 3 broken left ribs and 3 fractured bones in my right wrist. I am dead set lucky i am not dead.

My wife wants me to sell all the bikes, but that will never happen, my brother said it would be devorce before i sell bikes and i think he is right.

Give me about another 6 weeks and i will try the “HO” once again. (the painter has started to prepare the fuel tank for the new spray job and have decided to go with the metalic red similar to the original colour, like someone said, the ‘HO’ needs to be red.)

This has been the biggest wake up call i have ever had and thank my lucky stars that i am not dead or in a wheel chair.
I will not give up riding but will ride with a lot more respect and a lot more thought for self worth than what i had previously.

Cant wait to get back on a bike.

Talk to you all soon.


Shit, sorry to hear that Paul, hope you are healing well. I had a similar though not as bad wake up call ending up with a reconstructed wrist some years ago.
Slowed me down for a while, but only for a while.
Hopefully the same for you.
Get well soon.

that sounds bad, and a bit of a wake up call, proving man and machine dont always work in harmony [:D]

get well soon matey,

Too bad! Seems to be a bad time for bikers as a close friend of mine and VF clubber crashed monday last week with very serous injuries and an other guy I knew was killed last friday on Bordeaux circular… Get well soon “The Boy” !

Thanks for the well wishes Guys, am mending well and off all pain killers (unfortunately, some of them were great).
I will be back on a bike in no time, hopefully for Christmas ride with my brothers.
I will let you know when rides are happening again.
My brothers and mates are still doing it but i dont expect them to stop, just because of me.


Keep that battery charged Paul, you will be back on the “HO” in no time!

Paul, the main thing is realising how someone up there is looking after you. I have to say mate, riding with a serious attitude ( as you said yourself ) and without any protective clothing except a helmet, is always gonna end in tears. At least you`ll be able to tell that to your future grand children.[B)]