Crooky's oil mod

After a few weeks machining and finding a good supplier for the correct braided oil lines and fittings i now have 10 complete top end oiler sets for sale.These are the Oil filter adaptor ones and not the drill and tap your cases type.I had really hoped to keep them under £100 each but only making 10 they work out at £150 each.If i had made 20 sets they would come in at exactly £100 each but not knowing how well received they would be i kept the qty down.
The kits have all you need.
New K&N oil filter
Centre bolt (Stainless Steel) to hold filter and adaptor plate
Black anodised aluminium adaptor plate
Hose clamps and stainless steel bracket to keep hoses seperate.
O rings for the adaptor plate
Blanking bolt for the gearbox oil outlet for the std hard lines
Straight and angled fittings (oil type)
Two Stainless steel braided oil lines(different internally to brake lines)
New copper crush washers.

I have fitted the prototype to my own FF and all works fine.If anyone is interested please PM me on here or call 07872936436 or 01908 281287 until 6pm or 01908 511059 after 6.30pm.

Received one of Crooky’s oil mod kits today, very fine piece of work and would recommend to anyone thinking of getting one.

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Received one of Crooky’s oil mod kits today, very fine piece of work and would recommend to anyone thinking of getting one.

I am pleased that it all turned up alright and that you are happy with the kit.You know if you have any queries at all just e-mail me or post up on here.

Hi Alan,

I’m interested in your oil mod. I too have been trying to get info from Dave Dodge. I received a reply yesterday to a mail I sent in Oct 2009!

My friend and I both have 1kR’s and both would like the drill and tap kit. Have you looked into making these at all?

I told Mr Dodge that we would prefer rigid tube or pipe rather than the flexible hoses (just for appearance) and he told me that the tube option wasn’t viable as its larger bore negated the benefit of the mod???

I’m at a loss which bore tube he’s considered and feel certain that there would be a microbore tube available at the apropriate size. I can’t see why brake line (for example) wouldn’t suffice?

Can I have your thoughts on this at all please?

I dont know about using hard line.I dont think you could use brake line as the hole is too small through the tube.With the braided hoses you have to use oil line and not std brake line hose.
I have never looked at the drill and tap method and i dont like the idea of it.I would not want swarf getting into the engine internals of my bikes.My kit is a copy of the holeshot performance kit.I bought the last kit he had and he is not making anymore because of the limited market.I made my own kits and have them running on my bikes with no problems.Simple to fit and easily put back to stock if you need to.



I paid for a drill and tap oil mod kit from D Dodge back in March, so far all I have received is the elbow fitting for the oil gallery and a set of instruction.
I wouldn’t recommend doing this style of mod unless you have the engine apart (as I have)there’s too much room for error trying to drill and tap into the underside of the engine while it’s still in place.
In the end I got tired of waiting and bought a spin on kit from Crooky.

Looks great! Can you post some pics of it fitted or explain the fitting process ie where do the oil lines fit to on the heads?

The head lines fit where the stock hard lines go.You remove the stock lines then fit the braided ones.The adaptor plate fits in behind the new oil filter and the lines run to the right hand side of the engine between the motor and the frame up underneath the carbs to the head inlets.Nice fresh filtered oil at twice the pressure to the cams instead of dirty oil from the gearbox.The result is no more cam wear.If you look on my FF in the gallery you will see the lines on the right side.

Dear Crooky1811
Do you have any kits left as I want to buy one for my (ready by summer 2011 VF1000FE 1984 ).

Lloyd F in Norwich

I always hold some in stock for immediate dispatch now.Just let me have your address and paypal the money to and i will post out a kit the same day.
thanks for your interest

cheers Alan
I will contact you after the weekend
Have sold two laptops and will definitely contact you for a kit.
How much is the kit so I can send the payment by paypal ?
will ring you to confirm

Lloyd in Norwich

The complete set is £150.00

I assume this mod will work for the f2f’s aswell then ? Seems a good idea to reduce wear on the cams.

I am fitting one to my Bol d’or at the moment as i have the bottom section of the fairing off to have some scratches fixed at Custom

I’ve sent en email about a week ago, using the forum, but I don’t know if it works very well.
I’m interested in buying an oil mod. Do you still have one?
Is it easy to install? Instructions included? [:)]



Always in stock,full instructions included.
Mail me to

Thanks Alan for being a man of his word
A very trustable Man and a dam good engineer
Cannot wait til I get this kit on next year when the bikes getting a service to remember.

Well packed and fast and very shiny.

Thanks again

Lloyd in Norwich

I only have two oil kits left now so if anyone would like one please let me know.

Hi I have bought a vf1000 f and as I expected it has cam problems which at the moment I have not fixed due to time or lack of it. When I have repaired the cam the bike will need one of these Mods. Have you any left and is the Price still £150.00?

Tony G

still two left