Cunundram I have a left over blue wire with a spade on the end ??????

just fitted a replacement left hand light and indicator cluster to my VF1000FE 1984
But I cannot locate where this extra long single wire goes to.
Its connected to the headlight plug

I just cut it back the lights all work ok

now I just got to get to the bottom of the fuel starvation
its either the pump or the shutoff solenoid but the pump is only pumping a bout 3 or 4 clicks then stops
Even using the black and white wire trick

Hope the pictures big enough now for a bit of polishing up

Hi you need to try and take the fuel supply off the carbs and then try the pump with the feed hose to the carbs in a cup to see if a/ it is pumping fuel and this will tell you if the pump is either being controlled by a fuel pressure regulator if it only clicks a few times then stops with the pipe off then I would suspect the pump is at fault especially if you are feeding the pump with 12 volts directly this should continually pump fuel if it stops then it must be worn inside or clogged with debris, either way best scenario is replace it also I presume there is a fuel pressure cut off valve or a recirculation valve they will also be part of the pump

regards Paul

I have now replaced the points on my pump and when tested it pumps like a electric hammer drill so the pump is fixed and fully pumping
I got a replacement fuel cut off solenoid
fitted new see through hose and filter and I can see it in the filter when it pumps
In was going to drain the tank but petrol flows fast and smooth so the tank is not blocked
I just put in the wire across the fuel cutoff solenoid and the pump pumps fuel at 12vdc at the power connector
fuel is visible but it idles for about 2 minutes before running out of fuel

Help would be appreciated as I have tried all the things I know probably wont be on the road this year

Hi I have a spare pump you can try if you want to come and get it I live in Hevingham you done my carbs so am returning favour the pump worked fine the last time I started the bike

regards Paul

Hi Paul
yes please I would love to try your pump
could you txt me your address to me phone and I will arrange a pick up

cheers lloyd

hi windy,
have you managed to sort the fuel issue out yet, i think you will have probably tried most things i can think of, i was just wondering if it were possible for the float valves to be stuck shut, 2 mins ticking over is about the right amount of time for a vf to empty the float bowls,
These days i always use the vf with the jumper wire in and the fuel pump relay bypassed/isolated, I have in the past had fuel pumps which work perfectly for ages then just suddenly stick, i always thought this was down to the contacts as a quick clean up normally saw them working again for a while.

Yes I believe its now fixed due to a total stupid Idiot ( Me)
On the third day of being very puzzled about the problem I chose to remove the pump complete with regulator bracket from the Bike and place it on the rubbish bin for inspection again,Now using clear petrol pipe
After 3 minutes of thought I notice something which I clearly missed.
The inline fuel filter had the arrow facing in the wrong direction against the flow of fuel from the Tank
spoke to my brother in Topeka Kansas,He teaches engines in all vehicles all types( he is a know all and yes he does know everything as he is paid to teach others

His exact words
Yep That will do it for sure
I almost cried

Yes I am a plonker
So while its being put back together I am reconnecting the Regulator with nice new wires and joints :slight_smile:
I fitted a new points to the pump also from Dave Silver for £26.00 for all Mitsubishi pumps on VF1000F motorcycles.

hi windy,
i know the feeling, i have at times subjected myself to some mechanical Muppetry, as they say though, you live and learn,

good bit of info about the contacts for the vf fuel pumps being available, think i will get myself a set to refurb my old sticking pump.

just in-case anyone needs a new pump this fits the cbr900

went out for a ride again today BUT she ran out of fuel agan

So after recovering her to home base in my transit I started to drain the petrol tank
drained about 2 gallons and she went dry so I put her on reserve and you guessed it NOTHING not a drop.
Its time to clean out the petrol tank and petcock while its empty I want to clean it and coat it inside.

Whats the name of the stuff for inside tanks

really getting fed up retrieving this bike at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now I think. :frowning:

This may sound a little obvious Lloyd, but have you cracked open the carb drain when it does this to confirm that it is running out of fuel, sorry if you have already mentioned this.
I was just reading this thinking it could be giving symptoms of fuel starvation, but could be something electrical that fails as it heats up?

thats a downer windy,
hi tony long time since we’ve heard from you, you’ve actually touched on something which happened to my vf years ago…
I was rideing along as normal and the bike just run out of power as though it had run out of fuel although there was plenty in the tank, i got the bike recovered home took the spark plugs out to see if they were wet of dry, by this time the bike had cooled down, put them back in and the bike fired up.
So i took the bike out again with the fuel pump relay bypassed (jumper wire fitted) after a while i lost power but this time i was able to keep the bike running, clearly only on 2 cylinders,
So this lead me to believe it was a cdi failing,
So i swapped them over (left to right to see if i could make the rev counter fail) eventually on another outing i lost power again, still managed to keep the engine running and the rev counter working, which ruled the cdi out,
So i then went back to the pulse generators, when tested they were within the limits, The problem carried on happening, eventually i decided to buy a brand new set of pulse generators, since then the problem has never happened again.
Apparently the pulse generators can have a sort of intermittent fault, when they get hot they fail, then start working again when cool,

On another note, i have about 4 used petrol pump relays, everyone has an intermittent fault, so now i just use the vf with the jumper wire in permanently.

this may not be the same problem as windy is having, but it is food for thought

I had a misfire on one side a while ago so I measured the pulse coils and one was within tolerance ans the other was about 2 ohms so I found some in the USA ,waited patently 5 days later checked the replacements and they were the same as I had on the bike So got in contact again and he sent me another set which were fine.

I have a folder on my pc for vf parts One day I am going to add up all the parts to see how much its cost me so far
BUT I still think its great when other new riders look and think Is that a new model Honda out this year


Lloyd, I was thinking more along the lines of a stator going south when hot? You have probably worked out that you have no fuel coming out of the carb drain screw, and if you have, then disregard what I am saying.

Yes Pete I have been awol for a while, work, life, winter etc, no excuse.

I still have the VF tucked away in the garage waiting for the weather to improve, which can’t come soon enough!


latest info about my Vf1000fe

Well I came to the conclusion that the fuel pump is leaking air into the fuel pipe so looked everywhere for a replacement but you cannot get one.
So looked on eBay and found identical pumps but with 10mm straight ends for £30.00 from china and £39.00 from UK ,They look identical to the Mitsubishi pumps casing and all which I can confirm are.
They are low pressure pumps around 5psi maxim pressure,so I reversed the direction of the pump by re-cutting the cutaway in the mounting bracket and re drilling the holes for the 6mm bolts.
I got some 10mm fabric covered pipe on the inlet and outlet, the inlet has a filter and converted to 6mm to connect to the petrol tank outlet.
the outlet was fed through the frame up to the carbs inlet pipe.
Now I am waiting for the 10mm to 6mm adapter then I may get to ride it again.

I have tested it and fuel is in the clear pipes and no air bubble is visible now

hi lloyd,
just a thought, did you ever check to see how much petrol was actually being pumped by your old pump, the reason is, ive just been fiddling about with a ff pump which is the same as the fe but with bigger inlet and outlet, i attached it to the bike, the pump was clicking away like a machine gun but with only a moderate amount of fuel being delivered, my thoughts were the same as yours that it was air-locked some how, after about 30 minutes of tilting the pump every way possible with no significant difference, i decided to have a look inside the diaphragm end of the pump, so i prized the metal tabs back and opened it up, the diaphragm/piston was ok with no splits, but the 2 non-return valves, one on inlet and one on outlet were stuck open, which meant the petrol which was coming out was gravity fed. i gave the non-return valves a poke with a screw driver and they freed off, put the pump back together and its pumping about 1200ml per minute,
Ive found that if the pump valves are working correctly, you should be able to blow down the inlet with moderate force, but you cant blow up the outlet at all… anyway hope the new pump is a success

Nice work Pete!

Well took it out today only round the block and it started to run on only two cylinder and a tiny misfire occasionally .
I have had this before
Checked the pulse generator coils with my RS meter and one is not reading (Open circuit meaning DEAD) and the other is reading 5.59 ohms which is KNACKARD also
Each coil should read 480 ohms or close as dam it.

So I am off the road again until I can locate replacements

Found an eBay seller in the UK that makes pulse coils, waiting for a reply.
also found some on ebay that are 500 ohms
Will have to wait till I get a reply will keep this updated as I find out as this could be helpfull to other members

I will not be beaten by a 30 year old motorcycle >:(

hi lloyd,
i have a few ignition coils kicking about in the garage, if you have no joy with the ebay ones pm me and ill dig them out and test them.

I would like to fit new if available £30.00 each but we will see next week

I have now found 2 pulse generator looms each with 1 good pulse generator on it So I am going to merge the two together to make one good one
this should be fun >:( :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Need to find some honda mini spade connectors anyone know where I can buy a box of 100 ?