Cup, master cylinder oil 43511-443-761


Willing to buy Rear Brake Reservoir

Thanking you in advance


Tuffy,give me time to get to the store and I will sort you one out mate,things still a bit upside down after the house move
Regards Bif

Bif Not sure why I did not PM you :thinking:
But managed to find one on E-Bay Mate
So panic attach gone :laughing:

No problem mate,pleased your sorted out :+1:


I have to ask you to fish out the brake fluid tank please Mate.

Installed the new tank but that is leaking. Think it could have me cause I remove the assembly and fitted the tank last ? Next time is will fit the tank before attaching the assemble.

No bother mate,I will get one off to you this week

Orite Marra

U have not forgotten me :eyes: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Haven’t forgotten mate,I’ve got it here,in the post tomorrow,ran out of time to get to the store last week

Top man !!

Thanks Bif

Landed this morning Bif Thanks

Please let me know how much I owe you


Good stuff,pm sent with details
Best regards Bif