Damaged 'HO'

Here are some photos of the ‘HO’ after hitting the cow.

If you scroll through the photos you will see other photos of damage and the Phillip island trip.
We still had a blast even tho the ‘HO’ came out 2nd best.
Bit of work here and there and she should be back up to scratch.
I found out last night i might be able to get a VF1000F paddack basher for about $300 hopefully.
Supposed to be all complete bar the belly pan.
Keep the fingers crossed.

Geez Paul, that should buff out! Seriously, sad to see her all banged up like that, I hope you get it back in shape soon.
I posted the indicators on Friday, you should get them either today of tomorrow.
Cheers, Tony

Hey Tony, Thanks heaps mate. She is still running fine so a bit at a time is the way to go for now. The dents in the tank are on the ridges and the fairing is cracked in a few places but the pannel beater at work is gunna have a look at it for me. the rest is easy.
I am hoping my mate comes up with the cheap paddock basher.

If you do get it Paul, I may buy a few bits if you are not going to restore it.

Hey Paul, in your photos the black Triumph looks like the forks are very bent, is that just an illusion or is there a story behind that?

Just an ellusion mate. its not a bad bike for a trumpy.
I will let you know if i get the other VF.

Hi All,
Picked up a complete VF from the wreckers the other day. I am in the process of getting the tank done and am going to swap all the damaged bits and more soon. It has a good set of original cans, good forks, good fairing heaps of spares but the motor i was told is toast. after painting everything (possibly red white and blue) and getting the HO back to the beauty she once was, i may rebuild the engine with full bore and keep as a spare for when mine goes. on the long rides she uses about half a litre a day but no rattles and HEAPS of power. i will post some photos when she is ready with tranformation.

Just thinking, i might make it easy and just do a nice blue metalic pearl with white pearl front guard and bottom belly pan. i have a new set of chrome silver stickers ready to go on. This is going to be a budget rebuild so no frame or engine painted but i might tidy them up a little bit.

Hi Paul, you’ve been a bit quiet of late! Good to hear you picked up another VF, is it the 16" front wheel model or the 18" model?

nice one paul, i was wondering where you was at, the last time i saw your posts i think you’d had an altercation with a cow and come off second.
I suppose in aus land your spring will be approaching now, we’ve probably got about 2 months of reasonable weather then its winter [:(][V]

Hi Pete, the weather over here is brilliant for riding, rode the other week with mates and brothers for about 500kms on a Sunday down to Goulburn via back roads then up north through Janolin caves to bells line of roads. took all day was cold south but then got realy nice as we got past the caves.
Hey Tony, been a while, it is the 16inch same as mine, going to use front forks - tank - guard and plastics - mufflers - bottom radiator. if you need anything to pay back the indicators, let me know. going to have a lot of spares but will help get mine back up to scratch. might keep the motor and rebore as a spare. the bike will not be a complete rebuild as i dont want it off the road because i enjoy riding it so much. i am trying to save up for a set of STG bar risers to be a little more comfy, my brother put a set on his CBR1000F and he loves it, he said it is like a trail bike but different.
gotta go. talk soon.

ITS BACK. and better than ever.

Hi All, long time no hear.
The ‘HO’ is back on the road and going just as hard as before but looks a whole lot better. I still need to get the side cover from the painter but she is looking good. Painted the plastics from the second bike as the originals are toast from dropping it twice. went with the darker red-metallic and glad i did (original colour of second bike). I had the front forks re-chromed and put new seals in them. I changed the small plastic grilles in the fairing for aluminium mesh and going to do the same to the side covers. still need to get another bottom radiator that is not damaged (this one still works okay but o/s tank dented in from when i hit the cow). going to make up a stainless steel grille to go around the bottom radiator to bling it a bit more (going to use a Kenworth grille and cut it down and shape it, should look good) more photos to follow when i get a chance.

I assume you meant the side panel is looking good, not the painter that spayed the panels and tank
Sorry I mis understood that.

Yeh, sorry Windy. The painter is a bloke and i am not that way inclined.

hi paul, good to see you up and running and back on the site, i see you’ve decided to push the boat out and give the HO her full name, the alloy grills look cool too,

Nice paint job Paul, the grilles look great too.

All Done, and very happy.
Myself and 3 mates went on on overnight ride to Hill End.
Very enjoyable week end.

Good country up there Paul, some very nice roads. Your bike is looking great, how did it go on the weekend, no issues?

It almost is warm enough for me to re-register my old VF and put some kms on it too.