Decal Placement on tank

Hi all, I have finally got the last few Decal placements, just wondering there is any advice ( besides good luck :slight_smile:) on applying the split Honda tank decal. I’m a little concerned about getting it all lined up

any words of wisdom appreciated, pictures below


Decal 1 decal 2

Hi Tony,

I have no idea, just want to let you know: Your bike looks awesome!!
I love the Fs hardly less than the Rs…and there still some space left in my garage…unfortunately as well in my wallet…

Best wishes!!

You gotta use some application fluid so you can move it around and get the gaps and angles right before you squeegee it in place. You’ll fight it otherwise and likely be buying another set.

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Captain _80s Yep am using detergent and water in a spray bottle, got all the other stickers on this way, I was more interested in getting the positioning correct with the broken HOND…A. With part of the sticker on the fairing and the balance on the tank I’m concerned that if I get it wrong it will result in the purchase of another set like you said.

Thanks for the complement Joe…Still more to do though :):slight_smile:

Gotcha! I guess pictures, pictures, pictures. I’m sure somebody will come along and provide some measurements too.

Looks great!!

From what I can tell from various sources, the trick is to use the grille in the fairing as a datum, and affix the fairing mounted decal such that it is right up to the edge of the grill cut out, using that edge as the “straight edge” to align it.

Then attach the tank decal to align with that one.

This is an original decal on the tank,the colour is different but the location will be the same
image image
The A fits as below
image image
Any other measurements you need let me know

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Thanks Guys, thanks for the info, have attached some pictures of the completed Decal Placement, ust waiting for some grab rails now from Pablo ( seems they got stuck with that Ship in the Suez !!! :):slight_smile: )



Looking fine! Well done.