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Hi Guys and Girls, I’m looking for some way of ascertaining the correct placement of the smaller decal placement for my 1984 1000f. the main ones i can get from online pictures of the bike. but is all the smaller ones that come in the decal kit I would like to get in the correct position on the bike.

any clues appreciated…Tony


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If you have a Honda workshop manual, in various parts of the book there are photos of the job at hand that show (coincidentally) where they go.

If it would help, if you can tell me which decals you’re talking about I’ll trawl through my manual and photograph the illustration that shows it.

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Screenshot_20210216_102624 Screenshot_20210216_102859

Thanks I have a full set of decals, was just interested in placement.

Cheers Tony

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Thanks Chris, I have looked and found most of the correct places for them except what I have attached …these few are the ones I’m having trouble with. I think one of them goes on the tank?

any info appreciated…Tony


Hi, Tony,

Here’s the locations as per the manual:

This is the loading caution decal. It goes on the top of the rear mudguard behind the colour decal:


This is where the helmet holder decal goes. It’s just behind the seat release lock:


Now to the radiator caution decal. I can’t find an illustration in the manual for this, and the parts catalogue on CMSNL doesn’t show it either. Logic suggests that it would be on the frame close to the upper radiator filler neck, or even on the neck itself, but I can’t see it illustrated in that area. Sadly, for this particular decal your guess is as good as mine.

I have a vague memory from previous ownership from new that it goes on the filler neck, but I’ve been asleep since then and wouldn’t trust my memory on this.

Hope this helps.

PS: If you’d like to sell your spare Helmet Holder decal, I’d be interested in buying it.



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Hi Chris, thanks so much, this helps me no end, :slight_smile: if you send me your Postal Address, if I don’t use the helmet sticker ill post it to you.

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Hi, Tony,

Rather like a dog with a bone, I’m still getting my teeth into this. I don’t give up that easily!

Every decal is listed on the part schematic on the CMSNL exploded diagrams except the radiator caution. This is true for all of the parts lists available on line.

I can find illustrations of each of the parts- list listed decals by looking in various manuals, but no illustration of the radiator caution decal to be seen in any of them.

Working on the (perhaps naïve) premise that Honda don’t make mistakes in their publications, I’m beginning to lean towards it not actually being fitted to the FE or FF.

In the interests of covering all bases, however, I’ve sent an Email to Honda. I figure that if anybody can answer the question regarding where this decal goes, Honda can.

Watch this space, as they say. I’ll report back with what Honda say when they respond.

Re the helmet holder decal, I’ve PM’d you my address. Thanks.

Sorry I can’t be of more help at this point.



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It fits on the coolant reserve tank on the VF1000R as per these screenshots of the parts list. It’s item 39:



There is a similar decal showing on the parts list for the FE as per these screen shots. It’s item 29:Screenshot_20210306-171448_Drive


The parts list for the FF lists the decal, but doesn’t show it. Logic dictates that it goes on the side panel as per the FE parts list illustration. Logic further dictates that it goes on the LH side panel to be beside the expansion tank, like the illustration on the FE list.

We’ll see what Honda come back with, anyway.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Chris, after your great Sherlock Holmes work on Decals, I have realized that I am missing some parts for my Build, Part no 84120-mb2-000, 84110-mb2-000, 87511323-670, 87511323-671 for the actual Helmet holder, no wonder I could not find where to put the stickers :):slight_smile:

Ill continue to look

thanks for your help