Desperately Seeking the following VF 750 F parts


Hi to all

I’m looking without much luck for the following parts:

Oil filter oiling kit for VF 750 F (possibly the same as VF 1000 F kit) - I’ve tried V4 Market and Holeshot in the States neither supply their kit anymore. I’m trying to find out if Dave Dodge can supply the kit, but if anyone has one in the UK I would be interested

Also after a NOS front inlet cam 04101-MB-2000 though listed on several of the usual sources on ordering I’m being informed the part is not actually available

Any leads on other forums which might help with sourcing the parts in the UK would be appreciated too!

Many thanks

PS if anyone wants to sell me a nice VF1000F I wouldn’t say no to that either :wink:


hi gemma,
welcome to the forum, i cant help you with the cam but “crooky1811” one of our forum members who runs his own engineering firm was making the top end oiling kits, as far as i know he still has some in stock, there is some threads on here with more information but they seem to be spread around the site,
his work phone number is 01908 281287, ask for alan.

hope this helps


Thanks for the welcome and help Pete, will give Alan a ring :slight_smile:


In my garage which I will be clearing out soon is a big box of VF750f parts

I have front fairing in red
Radiators and fans
complete left frame member that bolts on
top and bottom yokes
plus bits I have forgotten about

all need to sell call me


If you have a couple of good red side panels (or if anyone else has) I would be interested :wink:

I’m all sorted with my other spares now, Alan has around 20 of the oiling kits available still and one will be on the way to me soon :slight_smile: