Does it help to scream when ...........

You take the time to drive 60 miles to the powdercoaters with your precious mostly unobtainable parts,
Cos you need to explain why each part needs to be masked in all its important little places,then when you pick them up guess what?
Yup not a word of what was said lodged anywhere in his head,threads,gasket mating surfaces the lot all coated black
I’m now black as a crow after spending hours with a mini flap wheel trying to get my top yoke to fit.
Only a clutch cover,alternator cover,two rocker covers,two fork lowers,water pump cover and drive sprocket cover to go.
Mrs Happy is doing her ends,all this is nonproductive garage time

Its quite a common thing with powder coater’s, its the electro-static charges in there brain that pulls the powder in to there ears :o

What a b@st@rd of a job!

Is it too much to ask, that if they have no intention of doing what you ask, that they should at least tell you up front so that your not making that same 60 mile trip only to be disappointed?

Only a suggestion since this only works for small parts like your sprocket cover, alternator cover and water pump cover, but have you tried a sheet of glass with some wet and dry sanding paper stuck to it?

Unfortunately this wont clean out o’ring channels though, works great for gasket mating surfaces though…

Reliable powder coaters in UK Triple S in Bingley, great service for all I have had done over years and don’t really need telling about importance of not painting joint surfaces threads ets.

That sounds like a good idea for making sure the surfaces are flat Tony,I will give it a go.
I have come across some of triple s’s work and know their reputation too,but I’m a long way from Bingley and wanted to give a "local"business an opertunity to show what they could do.
It’s a shame really I have three other bikes waiting for total makeovers and I would have put a fair bit of work his way.
Almost all the parts I had done were spares which I chose for their poor condition,only the fork lowers and top yoke are part of the bike,so I’m thinking I will revert to blasting and painting everything myself.
All I need now is a cabinet big enough to fit a frame into,EBay here I come
Regards Bif

ive always fancied buying a powder coating kit, in the past ive always sprayed everything but its a bit of a faf mixing paint for just a few items, and cold winter temperatures dont help things
this firm does a starter kit for about £180, all you need after that is a cheap oven off ebay… that will make the garage lovely and warm in the winter

I think I’m getting there

The final finish was achieved using Tony’s idea of a sheet of wet and dry but on my good ladies granite worktop as I didn’t have a sheet of glass to hand,plus an hours labour
Regards Bif

Haha, I wouldn’t mind betting she was out at the time?
I have, over the years used the oven in the house to heat bearings/crankcases etc in lieu of a hydraulic press, but only ever when the wife is out, she has asked on occasion what the smell is in the oven, I once told her I had burned a meal…she believed me!
Great result though.

Its amazing what you can achieve when your other half has a two hour hairdressers appointment Tony.
As long as I leave the kitchen as I found it she is none the wiser
Regards Bif