Dragbike build tips

Hey guys, first post!
Just picked up a 1985 vf1000f looking to get it ready for next drag race season. I have Lots of riding experience but only on milder bikes (ninja 250 & gs500) and motocross bikes and just looking for any pointer/tips to build this thing into a decent drag bike. Thanks!


I’m afraid I don’t have any tips for drag bike specific stuff, but would I be right in saying that your '85 is an FF with the 18" front wheel?

Mine has had some fairly extensive engine work that all seemed to be longevity based, rather than tuning as such, but they included hard-nitriding and polishing of a balanced crank, same for cams and then a top end oiling kit too.

With those issues sorted, the engine seems to be fairly bullet proof.

Now, what you’d need to do in terms of tuning for drag performance, I’m not sure. I’d imagine a set of flatslides and hotter cams would be a start before you got into head skimming, bigger valves and maybe the likes of turbo or super charging.

Remember the rules though, plenty of pictures and plenty of updates :slight_smile: