Drive chain sprocket sizes

Hi ,

What sprocket size front and rear are best for the vf1000r?
Is anyone running different size to standard, and are there any performance gains

Cheers Mick

Parts diagram shows 17/44 for RE.
I dropped revs by 600 in top on my CBX by swapping sprockets. Acceleration down (but good enough for me).Upside is great fuel consumption and less engine wear cruising along.

U.K. spec is 17/43 but it will pull an 18t front no problem,a few of the guys including myself use an 18 on the FE,drops rpm by 500 in top.
My R runs 17/41 due to using 520 pitch chain and an 18 not being available

Ok cheers :+1: , I may try an 18T front then as bike feels like it needs another gear when in top gear…