Ebay help needed

Hello all,
I just found an interesting part in UK ebay for F2, but the seller sends only to UK. If somebody could bid for item 110496644348, and forward it to me, it would be great. All expenses will be covered, purchasing price limit is 50 pounds. All info about this rack kit is highly appreciated. I am sort of tired my homemade construction holding the Givi top plate.

If you have a paypal account(to reimburse me should I win it for you)I can keep an eye on it for you(assuming no one else on here wants it!) and bid up to your limit. Does your limit of £50 take into account postage of the item to me and forwarding on to you, or do you have extra to cover that?

Thanks Scratcher. Yes I use Paypal, and the 50 limit is for purchase, postal is additional. If somebody here finds it interesting, my bad luck…
Thanks in advance,

OK, I’ll keep an eye on it for you.

I caught it! if you email me your address I can post it to you, but will not be able to put it in the post till Saturday 6/03/10 if it arrives to me before then, regards, Phil.

Great, Phil, email sent.


Phil, I’m so glad you got it! I missed it by a couple of minutes whilst sorting my kids out cos the wife’s in hopital. I was mortified when I saw it go for so little and I’d missed it. Lucky really or we could have been outbidding each other and costing Pekka an unnecessary fortune!!

Yes, that would have been a lose-lose situation :slight_smile:

I only put the basic starting bid on at the last 10 seconds, just to get a bid on it, I could have easily been outbid by just 1p and did’nt want to go any higher just in case I bid against you.
Pekka I have your address, thanks, I am probably working away from home next week, so cannot post it on immediately, probably next saturday, Phil.

No hurry: we have half metre of snow and more coming… The engine assembly begins this weekend, so I do have lots of work with bike anyway.

Hi Pekka, I have sent you an email with the details, Phil.