Eliminating the air cross over tube

So I never use added air pressure in the front suspension and I like to be able to slide the forks where I want. You can’t do that on the VF700/750/1000 because of the “FR FORK EQUALIZER”
So let’s eliminate it.

Step 1 should be remove forks I suppose. OK.

I considered a few options on how to accomplish this. First thought was to have them welded shut. Well that means complete disassembly to remove all contamination. Nah. Solder would work too, but I probably should disassemble to clean too. I experimented on a VF750F fork tube and it worked good, but I wasn’t completely confident even though the area will probably be captured by the upper triple clamp. And also I didn’t want to disassemble to ensure a proper job. I decided on this route.

Let’s drill and tap for some set screws. I hung the forks upside down as the fork oil drained to perform the work so any debris could flow out. After drilling, tapping and deburring I flushed them out real good with some WD40 and contact cleaner and then let them continue to drain through the night.

I filed the stainless set screws down to a reasonable thickness so they wouldn’t interfere with any preload spacers.

We’ll install them with a little thread lThreadLock2ock.

Installed and will get dressed down for any high spots.

Now I can put the forks wherever I want. I’ve decided to start with the back up ring that used to be below the crossover moved up to the triple clamp, 19mm. I have proper front springs in the forks and it was already riding higher than stock, so this is not extreme. All my big VFs will be getting this mod except for my mostly stock 86 VF1000R.

These forks will eventually be going on a VF750F as I am currently going through another set of 1000F forks that are getting new seals, bushings, springs and cartridge emulators. That way I can just swap the forks with minimal down time. I didn’t have to do this right now, but it will be a little while before I can afford to finish the other forks and this only took one evening and a some time this morning.

Nice stance and def a little lower as I had to put a board under the tire to get the jack out. Hope to get out this evening for a test ride.

Oh yeah, and a new seat cover on a NOS seat pan and foam.


That’s an interesting approach, good thinking. I eliminated mine when I had the legs rechromed, the finishers welded the holes up and reground as part of the job.