Emailing members

Can anyone in England help me contact crooky1811 as I have tried 3 times to email him without any luck (comes back without being delivered ) , I am keen to get an oil mod kit from him as he said he was going to make up 10 more , Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Cheers JD

JD I think he is on here fairly regularly, perhaps you could post a message in a thread that he is involved in like this one,
Then he could PM you?

Thanks Tony but I left a message on that thread on the 22/2 but I’m not sure he has seen it yet.

No worries JD, I should have had a better look at it!

Not sure which email addresses you are using but the 2 he posts for use are " “or” "
Hope this helps.[8D]

Use as the O2 is disabled now as i changed from Blackberry to Samsung.New oil kits will be in stock in about 10 days time.Waiting on the oil lines to made up.