Engine bearing part numbers and decals

Hi everyone

A couple off questions if my engine has suspected big end bearing failure do I change the whole set and do I change the crankcase bearings as well and I am looking for 2 decals the gear driven cams and warning labels for tank

Cheers Rod

Bearings are hard to find. I would strip the motor and see what needs replacing.

There are options with bearings, bif has done a lot of research on this, you really need to strip the engine down first to see what’s going on and what size bearings if any you need, there are some nos ones out there.
Due to some bearings being unavailable i have in the past put second hand bearings in with no issues,
The cam gear drive decals pop up on ebay from time to time

Cheers guys I will post some more pictures at the weekend to show my progress on the rolling chasis


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Maybe they sale the single ones.