Engine casing compatibilty?

Good day all,

Recently bought two VF1000F’s .One an '84 & the other an '85. Now the one engine is in need of a lower crank case. My local, friendly chop-shop only has 1000R cases. Will they work? Is the 1000F top-half compatible with the 1000R lower case?

Thx in advance for all advice.

Crankcase halves are matched at the factory,it’s not a good idea to try and mix them.
It is possible to use R cases with F internals all the drilling’s are there for cam chain slippers and the like,only the bolt holes under the water pipes need blanking off.
Regards BIF

Thank you sir, I suspected as much. So better get both R cases & modify to suit F- application.

Hi Andy,

I have a spare f-engine.
If you are interested, i’am happy to take it apart and sell the cases.

Regards, Mark

Hi Mark,

Thx for the offer. Note that I’m down in SA :wink: