Engine cranking, no start?

Just got my vf back together, today was engine start day. Been in bits for about 7 months.

The engine turns over nicely with a big fat blue spark.

When fuel line is removed from carbs, nice gouts of fuel on cranking.

No smell of fuel from carbs, not so much as a splutter from the engine.

Poured a cap full of fuel into each carb and away she went for about 2 secs then died.

Trying to start the bike with air box off. Does the fuel pump start with ignition or on the starter?

Any ideas, given up for today coz its too cold and time for beer :slight_smile:

hi evansive,

the fuel pump only runs when the engine is turning, the relay that controls it works off the ignition system, (the same blue wire that goes to your coils operates the relay) if you disconnect the fuel pump relay block connector behind the left hand side panel and bridge the black and white wire the fuel pump will work as soon as you switch the ignition on.
when you switch the ignition on with the wires bridged you should hear the pump clicking as it fills the carb’s up…
I seem to remember that my ff project bike didn’t like starting from cold with the airbox off.

I’ll give that a go and let you know. Cheers.

She’s alive… ;D ;D ;D ;D

Fuel pump was fine.

Compression test distinctly average :-\

40 psi low on the front two, possible head gasket issue as I put some oil in, no change and front two readings both 135, but cranking slow because battery is goosed.

Cleaned plugs, reset gaps and away she went. Sounds ok, running a bit rich, but no air box on yet (new one ordered from d and k)

So, getting there, oh and the bodywork has arrived back from the paint shop. Yippee.

good news then, up and running,

i wouldn’t worry too much about the low compression at this stage, you will probably be getting a slightly false reading if the starter is not turning the engine over fast enough… before i rebuilt my original fe engine it had compression varying between 125 and 145 and ran perfectly well…