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hi, can anyone tell me what (if any) differences there are between VF1000R e, f, & g engines please? thanks

The first, E variant had milled cam bearings and the associated problems with valve clearances/oil flow. The later models had line bored heads which can be more accurately machined and have stronger cam caps which prevent cam float which caused problems on earlier models. The two types of head can be easily identified as the cam cover gaskets on the line bored heads have the semi-circular rubber cap filling the hole where the boring machine went through, the E variant has a simple rubber gasket of uniform thickness and no semi circular lobe. The frame was altered on the line bored models, wider to allow for the larger heads of the later models.

right, thats interesting. The Re engine I have does have the semi circular gasket. Therefore it’s the modified version. Is it possible that a later engine, with larger heads, was put into my early frame at some stage of it’s life?. Would that explain why the cam cover is so relucant to come out of the frame?. I found out (via D.Silver) that camshafts, valve springs, and cylinder heads don’t share part numbers between my engine and later Rf and Rg models however the valves are common across them all. I didn’t know there was a variation within the Re production run, bugger. I should explain the reason for my interest in the comparasion between engines is because my camlobes have some pitting and there is a VF1000R engine for sale. But if it’s the wrong one, which sounds likely, then it won’t help much…In fact it’s possible it will come with it’s own baggage. Ok, sounds as though I need to drop the engine and have a proper look at it out of the frame. Thanks very much scratcher, you’ve given me some light at the end of a tunnel, wot train whistle? by the way scratcher, I did you ever get to read some information I left on an old topic to do with ceramic chrome finish for exhausts?

“by the way scratcher, I did you ever get to read some information I left on an old topic to do with ceramic chrome finish for exhausts?”

Yes mate, I’d already got info on the company and it was logged away for future reference when/if the time comes. Like I said, I have a NOS original RHS silencer, and I’m sure I can find a leftie somewhere if I look around long enough!

Hi there
While I was reading this I started wondering, because I was not able to take my rear cam cover off, I was trying for two hours but it always got stuck. Now I ran in to my garage and I saw that my bike has these semi-circular rubber cap filling the hole of the cam cover. I think my 1984 1000 F Interceptor should have the older version, isn´t that right?
So my engine has been changed at some stage trough out the years, probably in 1992 when my bike had a crash and was pretty badly damaged.
So I´m wondering, is it possible for me to find out what kind of engine my engine is or is there no way of knowing.
Best of luck to everyone
Gunnar Már

If you check the engine number there’s a list on here somewhere that gives chassis and engine numbers and their relevant models/years. Maybe miti babe or bif can tell u how to find it?

hi Jinx, I’m pretty sure that if you call David Silver they’ll be able to identify the year and model. They did for me. If for any reason you can’t, give me the engine number and I’ll ring them for you.

Go to http://www.honda-v4.com/sabmag/mcdata.html and have a look, there you can find all engine numbers. Also 1985 VF1000Ff and VF1000F2 got the semi-circular gaskets (=line bored camshafts), so even better reason for both to check the engine number to find out which engine is there. If the first letters in engine number are SC16E, engine is from R, with gear driven cams, and if SC15E it is from VF1000Fe, Ff or F2f , with chain-driven cams. Cpde SC19E is for -85 Swiss and french models of F2, and 1986 Ff for french markets.

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Hi again.
I´ve been looking for these numbers and my chassis number is JH2SC1507EM002088 and the SabMag web page tells me my bike is from USA and is build in 1984. This is something I already knew.
But my engine number is SC15E 2101 331 and it is an Italy type of an engine. And it is 1985 model.
Ok here is my question, is this engine similar to the original one or is there something more then the camshafts that are different?
I´ve been thinking isn´t it a good thing for me to have those camshafts?

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Gunnar Már

Hello, Jinx. So you probably have an 1985 engine with line bored, chain driven cams. This solution is better than original, and you may also have double oil pump (separate circuit for oil cooler). There is a guy in US forum, who is changing a -86R engine in -84 Interceptor frame, and the change has required some modifications of frame. Do you have fixing point in front cylinder heads? If yes, are they in use ?

Hi dnapekko
It seems also to me I have an 1985 engine from a VF 1000 FF bike.
I don´t quite understand what you are asking about, the fixing point you are tasking about is it a engine mount or a oil line or what.[:p]
Can you also give me a link to this forum where this guy is changing engines, I´d like to read that.

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Gunnar Már

Hello, the link is here: http://v4hondabbs.com/index.php?topic=42184.0 , you probably need to register to see the photos.

I was looking at the photos from the motor swap and then I understood the fixing point on the front cylinder heads.
And yes there are some on my engine but they are not in use, is that bad or what, maybe it doesn´t matter[xx(]

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Gunnar Már


i am in the process of putting a r engine in a f frame and unfortunately the lug that has been mentioned is very important, if your frame does not have the lug on the removable frame rail then you will have to have the frame modified the same way as the guy in the sabmag article did to his. this looks like a major job to me. i am lucky and have a frame that looks like it will take the engine without any modifications as it has this lug and the left top frame rail is angled steeper to accomidate the wider cylinder head. hope this helps.