engine gloss black paint

whats the best match for my engine as it needs retouching in and I know not which to buy.

please help as I dont want to get the wrong type of paint

Cheers Lloyd in Norwich

PJ1 best by far. they do a gloss one and a satin one. Do a search on Ebay you’ll find plenty.


Yep we used that too, make sure its the heat resistant one.

I used VHT (satin black, if I remember correct), and heated the painted parts in 100 degrees Celsius about one hour.

Did you use any sort of primer under the satin PJ1 to reduce the likelihood of the paint coming off? I’m getting my crank cases wet painted by a pro(rather than powdercoat), using an etch primer underneath, before the top coat of satin black. It’s the sort of job you want done right, unless you enjoy tearing the motor out every year to do it a gain!!