Engine stalling

Hey guys,

I’am happy to find this website I hope you can help me with an issue I have with my 1984 vf1000. The bike starts well every morning but after 10 minutes the engine keeps stalling, and I have a hard time starting it after. If I wait an hour the bike will start again but like said it will run again for ten minutes only. The temperature gage is ok, I drained the gas from the carbs but still having the problem. Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help !!!

I would check if you have rust in the tank,could be blocking the fuel lines
and check if your fuel pump is working and not breaking down after ten minutes(this would stop the engine at a timed length.take off the pump and test as them book says from Honda.
Another thing check your carb diaphragms are not perished.
It sound like its running out of fuel.