Engine Stand

As requested, here are some more pictures and dimensions of the engine stand I built for my F model.
The stand is designed to have the whole bike frame sitting on it on top of two pieces of 20mm timber (I used two bits of 40x19)to give a bit of clearance and also scratch protection.

As you unbolt the left side of the frame you can attach two of the mounting brackets, then support the engine with a jack as you unbolt and remove the rest of the bike leaving the engine in place.
It is still a two person job but less risky than trying to man handle the engine out.
I had nightmares of the engine falling out on the ground and smashing all the casing before I thought of this!
It is made of 50 x 50 square tubing welded, the mounts are 25 x 25 angle, holes are centered on each piece.
The mount measurements are from the top of the tubing to the mounting hole center, so you will need to add extra for bolting onto the frame and also a little extra at the top.

Rear looking forward

Clutch side

Note the cutaway on the top of the left mount, I’d like to say this was for a particular reason but it was just a cock up!
Feel free to reposition this bracket further to the right if you want.

Front View


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Bloody excellent mate and well done for the effort…[8D]

Thanks TinyTim, hopefully it will help someone else out !

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