engine transplant

Last year I decided to replace the engine on my vf1000fe which had many issues…i brought a vf1000f2 engine which dispite a few differences i got it to fit into the frame (using the fe carbs)…upon firing it up it ticked over fine but would not rev above 2500 rpm…it was blowing back through the carbs checked valve timing and ignition timing advance, all OK but could not sort problem. Have re built f2 engine ie crank, heads, bores, rings so all should be OK there however fired up yesterday and still same problem? Is there a difference between the fe and the f2 in the wiring etc that would cause this problem? [V]

Not sure but the ignition control units (under tail unit) may be different between Fe and F2.

The FE uses two control units and the F2 only one.The wiring may be a direct swap,or maybe not.If you use the FE thermostat housing in its origional position,you could use the FE pickups to be sure.Regards BIF

Hi bif thanks for the reply, if I were to put the fe pulse generators into the f2 engine and make sure the pick up points match, this should solve the problem? Allowing me to use the original ignition system? when you mentioned the “thermostat housing in its original position” did you mean for the engine cooling? wasn’t sure…thanks deano

Problem is now solved. I had used the starter clutch from the FE engine as it felt and sounded smoother, i hadn’t noticed the raised part on its circumference where the pulsers pick up is longer on the FE than the F2F for some reason,wrong signal going to the spark units, maybe cams have a different profile? Anyway,up and running now and sounding really sweet, a shake down test and then it’s MOT time. Just in time for winter,duh, but ready for the first nice day next year. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys…