Error code?

Hi. Hope everyone is well. Have Vf1000fe '84 on the road now…needs a few bits & pieces. Riding the other day and noted it was a little jerky, but intermittent and (may be completely unrelated) I thought that I witnessed an error code on the rev counter (not sure, but my Yamaha YZF used to do the same) and pretty sure it read 6000. Can anyone offer any advice? Thank you kindly. Cheers

Probably dry solder joints because these bikes pr date computers unless Honda went time traveling
everything is basic design on these machines or LOW TECH to you and me.
If you can find a odb 1 connector Ill eat my Hat :o ;D

hi amicrazy,

not sure what kind of rev counter you have fitted, the standard vf ones dont have error codes…
however, the rev counter is driven by an electrical impulse which comes from the 1-3 cylinder cdi unit situated in the tail unit of the bike, the yellow wire from this unit goes to the coils then to the tacho, i would check the wireing on this circuit, especially where it comes out of the cdi unit, the wires have a tendancy to break where they bend sharply just below the cdi… i have had this happen to me before.

Hi. Thanks for the advice. I must check the CDI wiring. A development… mechanic suggests that there may be a ‘rectifier’ issue somewhere… when the headlights are on, they cut out and then re - appear. Not only that…when I was riding and switched High beam on, the blue high beam light started flashing which timed with the bike spluttering then cutting out. After a while I got it started but with no lights at all… and then ran fine. Another weird symptom… every time I go over a bump it appears to miss or drop revs. IO thought I was dreaming until I rode it up a cobbled street and it coughed and farted the whole way up. Loose connection? Weird.

Pleased to say though that, when she does run well, - lovely bike. Nice to ride, sounds cool… if I can get her running reliably and smooth I’ll be delighted.

Thanks again. This forum is fantastic, Thanks.

Hi windysolar1…

Thanks for the advice… I couldn’t quite follow this… .> If you can find a odb 1 connector Ill eat my Hat :o ;D… what does that mean? I’ll get a look at it later today if lucky… :confused: