Evans waterless coolant.

Has anyone used or thought about using Evans. I have heard good thing about it and it can be used on bikes.

So I am going give it a go as part of the recommissioning of my bike. Will probably have enough left over to do the VF500 too.

hi paul,

I haven’t used it myself but i was reading through the info on the evans site a few weeks ago, it sounds to have some really good qualities over conventional water based coolants, the only thing that slightly put me off was that they say engine’s filled with evans will normally run between 3-10 degrees hotter, and that the engine oil would also run 3-10 degrees hotter too.

If you do decide to use it i would keep a close eye on your temp gauge etc.

Seems they hedge their bets with this answer.

A.The operating temperature of the engine and coolant may increase slightly, by approximately 3-7 degrees. However the temperature inside the engine will be consistent and steam vapour will not be produced. i.e engines often run cooler with Evans Waterless Coolants.