Evan's waterless coolant

I know Evan’s waterless coolant got mentioned on here some time back and I for one poo poo’ed it, but in hindsight, thinking about the fact it doesn’t expand as much as water in the cooling system which creates less pressure on water pumps etc may be quite a good thing.
Has anyone been using it ?

It was myself that started that thread. I am afraid I totally discount the “expands less than water” thing. The amount of pressure in the system is dictated by the pressure cap not the coolant. If the coolant expands it just gets pushed out of the system into the expansion tank. The whole thing is a scam of the highest order IMHO.

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Hi Vf Pete

I use Evans waterless coolant because it doe`s less corrosive to the engine internals, that & no other reason, works for me.


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Thanks for the input chaps,

Almost any Decent antifreeze has as much corrosion resistance as the waterless stuff. Just read the spec sheet. Also they try to encourage you to use their own pre use system cleaner. Any decent premix can be used without that crap. I have been using Prestone which is excellent and alot cheaper than the Evans Shit. If you are really interested have a read of this

Reading the pros I dont agree with mostof them and the cons pretty much sum up all that is wrong with the shit

Not keen on it then john ?? :joy:

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I just hate it when companies use blatent misinformation to convince people to part with their hard earned cash for no reason. There are possibly some applications where it may be applicable but I really feel that no motorcycle would benefit from using it. I particularly feel that our bikes with 30 odd year old components and hoses etc. are asking for trouble using it. If you do spring a leak or need to top up you cannot use anything else so you are pretty stuffed. That alone rules it out for me. :ok_hand:


The cooling system has been designed to optimise working temperature and efficient heat dissipation.

The radiator cores and flow rates through them have been designed with the specific heat capacity, specific heat of vapourisation and thermal conductivity of the coolant very much in mind.

Change any of the parameters of the coolant, and the balance of the system is compromised, and quite significantly so.

If it was designed to use water and anti freeze, then use it. You’re asking for trouble otherwise.