evansives ride out idea.

just started this thread off to see if anyone is interested in heading off for a ride out, previously a day ride out around north yorkshire, and or a weekend in scotland has been mentioned, but if anyone has any suggestions on where they would like to head to and when that would be good,

I’m in, obviously. Open to ideas, can do Yorkshire circuit, with overnight if required or any alternative inc Scotland. Lets see who wants to come and then pick a venue that will hopefully suit most parties. … ;D ;D ;D ;D

Would suggest late June/July?

I’d like to say “I’m in” but I’m in the doghouse at the moment. As Pete knows I took an executive decision to finally accept at invite from some Hungarian biker friends to go with them for a week long trek to Transylvania ( Northern Rumania) It’ll take me 3 days to get to Budapest where we’ll meet up then another 2 days to get into Transylvania. I’ll be taking my Benelli 900 TRE-K and really looking forward to it.
As a consequence I daren’t commit to any more trips ( for the moment ) :’(





Thanks Fred, that made me laugh… They knew about lyrics in those days. ;D