Exhaust for VF 1000 '84

I need exhaust box (sorry I dont know name)asap.My bike is VF1000 F2.I live in England.My post code is WA3 3LT.Could you send me picture and price.
Thank you.

new ones ar practicly impossible to find but second hand ones do exist
message bif he may even have a usable one

Thanks for info.

I don’t have one myself,there is one for sale on www.ebay.de.
Search- Honda vf 1000 auspuff-and you will find it,the seller is
Nordheidebikes and is wanting €129 for it.
The collector is common to all the Fs so don’t worry that it’s not listed for a BolDor
Regards Bif

I still have one for sale if you need one20190223_160028