exhaust studs

Hi all
I am changing the exhaust studs to stainless steel anybody know where i can get some m7x1.0 thread pitch stainless threaded bar and nuts and washers. Why did honda use such an odd size it is like rocking horse s**t to find[:p]

I just bought an m7 bolt from my local supplier and cut the head off. You`ll also want the 10mm af nuts to go on it. Dont forget the Locktite when screwing it in.


get the proper studs for the germans on ebay they have the studs and exhaust collars… Also every day for a week before you do the job spray the studs with plus gas or other good release agent but do it every day ! I did that with mine before it had a new collector box put on it and the garage got them off without any agro at all…