F1 logo on fairing? European?

New to these bikes and site. Hi y’all! Originally bought an 85 vf 1000r roller with a title. Came across a Minty 84 1000f low miles, but the motor is dismantled. My thinking was I’d put the R motor in the F frame, since not a direct fit, I decided to just build them both. On craigslist last week I found an 86 R complete for sale no title. The fairing on this bike has an “F1” logo on it. Cool, I think I seen one before. Is the European? I will definately need advce help on these restoration. I will have lots of good parts left.

The Fairing has the duel headlight with an F1 block letter emblem just above.

I have looked at 100s of photos and not seen a fairing with this plastic F1 emblem. it is the 86 duel headlight fairing. In the slot above the headlight, there is a plastic F1 emblem. I will try to load a photo of it today, has sparked my curiosity.

Trying to link the photo

What is this? Can’t find another one like it in pictures. The guy I got it from said it had the house of the rising sun paint scheme when he rescued it from the junk yard. I found a few pics of that paint scheme, but no emblem? Someone shed some light. It’s just an emblem, but way cool! Probably a transitional piece or prototype?

I would put my bet to modification by some of previous owners

It looks like part of a aftermarket windshield to me

Original 86 fairing, not an after market. Custom mod a possibility, but not likely. I will bet money another one will surface, and someone will know the story behind it.

100% owner mod. You can’t find another because it doesn’t exist. Check out the pic below. Look familiar.

Emblem is from a 1987-91 Ford F150 truck. I bet if you look at it closely you will be able to see where the 1 has been cut from the rest of the badge.

Nice! I knew I’d seen it before! Looks cool.[;)]