F2 fairing bits

My F2 is missing the moulding inside the lhs faring upper that the indicator goes in, plus the sheetmetal step in the rhs lower that the vent door pin clips into. If anyone has either/both spare & is prepared to sell them, how much would you want to send 'em out to Oz please? Thanks

Check these links out, they may help if I am understanding your description properly.




Thanks for that. Got that bit on both sides; it’s the part inside the fairing that they clip into that I’m missing one of. I will get onto the Central Coast guys that you posted the link to though, 'cos I’ll be up there in a couple of weeks.

hippo think I can help with the right hand metal work as i trashed the fairing on mine and that bit was ok i got a full pannel sent over from germany
so will dig it out and see what the postage will be
think my email addy is on here somewhere if you want to send me an address as for the moulding that the indicator base goes into that was an integral part of the fairing . I will ask some clever folks I know if it is possible to build up something. but dont hold hold your breath on that one !

Yeah - the way it’s attached I guessed it was never a spare part. Probably time for some scrap plastic, a tube of epoxy and a bottle of red wine, erm, ingenuity, I suppose :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer radicalrabit. Email sent. Cheers