F2 Fuel consumption

Curious to hear from other VF1000 owners, especially F2, about fuel consumption. Today was my first long ride on the Bol D’or. I knew they had a reputation for being thirsty. There was a range of conditions; some spirited riding, plus some highway sections. I averaged 6.8 litres/100km. Certainly not frugal.

I think you’ll need to convert that to mpg to maximise the replies .

6.8 is not that bad for me! My VF1000R returns at about 6.5-7.00L/100 KM while the VF1000G needs 7.5-8.00L/ 100 KM and my VF1000F II 7.00/8.00 L /100 KM.

For our UK residents: 42mpg
For those residing in the US: 35mpg.

Thanks for the feedback Marmite. My wife is originally from the UK (pre-metrication) but I had assumed everything had now seamlessly shifted to the new measurement system. Then I found this at the UK Metric Association website under the heading Fuel Consumption and Emissions:

“Official figures are of course metric. According to the Passenger Car (Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions Information) (Amendment) Regulations 2004 fuel consumption should be measured in either litres per 100 km (L/100 km) or kilometres per litre (km/L). However the news media and the general public most frequently refer to miles per gallon. Measuring fuel consumption in miles per gallon is of no value when fuel is sold in litres.”

Must get very confusing for you guys.

hi insigns,

my fe does about 59mpg, aprox 4.8litres per 100km
the ff is conciderably more thirsty at aprox 40mpg, 7.1 litres per 100km

Hi Insig, yea, its mad in the UK as we all buy our fuel in litres but only ever talk about fuel consumption in mpg. Interestingly by brother who has lived in Aus since '74 can switch from metric to imperial fuel consumption figures when we talk on the phone.

Pete, that figure of 59 mpg for the FE is remarkable especially when you compare it to the 40 mpg for the FF. (which is the same as me FF figure) You must have had your grandma on the back the day you took those FE readings !! :wink:

Both of Teambifs Bols are doing 40 mpg,that said if your following Johnboy it tends to be more spirited riding than anything else.
Regards Bif

hi martin,

oops :-[ should have said 49mpg/ 5.8litres per 100km… still good figures, and granny was up front that day ;D

My 85 VF1000RF got an incredible 30mpg (imperial gallons) before it got stripped down for a rebuild.

Long time consumption has been around 6,5 litres/100 km. I usually drive faster that other traffic, never trying to be economical : )

As i found out it 2 years ago it largely depends on how hard your twist the go throttle and how much fun you are having zipping past cars like they are standing still.

Consumption is relative
taking it easy staying under the speed limits

Sprowston,Norwich to Pentney Norfolk 40 miles and return total 80 miles £11.00 2 Gallons 9 ltrs :slight_smile:

Hard acceleration having fun on the bends and open roads

Sprowston,Norwich to Pentney Norfolk 40 miles and return total 80 miles £22.00 2 gallons 18 ltrs 8)