F2 Keihin VD85 E main jet size?

Hi, does anyone know what VF1000F2 (1986) 116hp model carbs main jets size shoud be?

Clymer and VF1000F (1984) workshop manual says Kehin VD82 shoud have Front: #150, Rear: #145

But Vf1000F & F2 manual (1985-) Keihin model has only #110 size listed - I assume it would be for 92hp model? http://honda.vf1000.com/resources/Honda_1985_VF1000F-FII_Workshop_Manual.pdf

My 1000F2 has at least 20hp missing, when comparing to my 1984 VF1000 (measured with my calibrated ass :slight_smile: and sympthoms of lean mixture. Now when I disassembled carbs I found #110 size main jets…

Unless anyone has good advices I have to proceed trying different sizes of jets, with trial and error method… being same time afraid that needles and some other parts are originally from 92hp model too…

hi zami,

i think the 145 and 150 main jet sizes are for the 1984 FE model, the FF has smaller main jets, The carbs that came with my project bike (UK bike 1987/88 FF) have 110 size main jets fitted, the carbs have 86AWYD stamped on them.
The Genuine Honda workshop manual i have states that the jet sizes should be 110, and doesn’t state anything different for the F2F.
BUT… i have some service sheets which were sent from Honda UK to all its dealerships, and on those it states that they should both have larger jets… 118 front, 115 rear.
hope this helps.

P.S which country’s had a 92hp model ?

Thanks Pete for these advices!!

I´ll try to find jets close to 115/118 first. I also noticed that float levels were little bit wrong - varying from 8.5mm<->11.5mm, when manual states 7.5mm. This means that fuel level has been too low - unless tang has been bended with purpose to compensate increased float weight? I have noticed sometimes car carbs floats tend to get “wetted”, catching extra weight, and causing too high fuel level and flooding.

SW (Switzerland) models has VD85G carbs and 68kW (92ps) max.power.

Thanks, Sami

The vd85e for an F2 full power runs 110’s front and rear.
Your float heights are crazy low which will give you a lean mixture on 3/4 to full throttle.
We run a totally stock F2 with these jets and a float height of 7.5mm and it takes some keeping with.
Your floats will float or if punctured sink,flooding usually points to a faulty shut off valve
Regards Bif

Thanks Bif,

I tried to adjust float heights carefully and also changed jets to 118/120, sync carbs etc… after remaining snow has melt let’ see how it runs


Hi Sami,
I have the same VF 116hp and the same carburators, some years ago I replaced them with news one … so now I have the old one. If you need to have the information of the main Jet, during the next weeks I will be able to check them on the old Items but you need to wait unfortunately because I have not them at home.
Let me know …


Hi, now after first testdrive I found bike runs great!

I believe Bif was right, main reason was the gas level at carbs, adjusting floats did it. But I took vf pete´s advices as well, and replaced jett while disassembled carbs.

Quite big difference to performance. Thanks!