F2 Oil cooler location when fitting to 1000F

Gooday All,
Im slowly progressing with my major rebuild of 85 F,and have fitted F2 oilpump and sump, purchased F2 oil cooler and lines. From the length of the lines Im assuming the F2 cooler lives up under the steering head , or in the top of the fairing?
Ideally Id like to fit the cooler lower down, maybe sideways on frame rail, and shorten the lines, or make custom- but its pretty crowded around the exhausts. has anyone mounted one down low- like behind the belly pan?

From memory I believe Ascalon has one fitted to his FF down below,came like that from Germania
Regards Bif

Hey speedygp,

i hooked up the additional oil cooler on two support brackets i fabricated my self.
they are bolted together with the cylinder head cover bolts.

so she is hanging up front the bely pan fairing.

works perfect.:smile:

would like to post a picture but don’t know how to crop them.:thinking:

Thanks Ivan,
Great work. Did you use Honda oil cooler, and make up new shorter lines, or adapt something else. Yes, had a look at where you mounted yours, will wait till I have the front forks and exhaust back on the bike so I know how much room I have.