f2 plastics

Looking for f2 plastics…Would prefer ones without cracks but.would concider damaged ones…any colour …if anyone has any they want to part with let me know…

Hi Pete I will have a look , do you need all the plastics or some specific ones

hi paul,

yeah its basically everything plastic that fits on the f2 bol’dor, I picked a wreck of a rat bike up the other day that has a bol engine in it, i already have a bol frame and most of the running gear in the spares shed, so this winter im planning on making my self a bol’dor.
Not knowing much about the bol’s, i imagine theres lots of plastic infill panals in the fairings and other plastic thingy’s i dont even know about yet, so probably a lot of mixing and matching to be done…


Hi Pete will check at the weekend and see what I have