F2F Top Radiator recore

Does anyone have a number for a radiator repair company that can recore my rad? Been quoted 295+ vat

Hi John. .
Wakefield radiators did my last one. Charged about £120 but I did pick up and drop off my rad as they are only about 15 miles from me… if you Google them they have a small Web site… phone 01924383155

John, its a long shot but my son bought a beautiful radiator off ebay for his VFR400 which came from China ( surprise surprise) It was only around £50. He also told me they do NTV 600 ones as well. Worth doing some cross referencing to see if any of the other Honda bikes of the period shared rads with your Bol ?

Thankyou guys. Appreciate all your help. Ive just got one off German ebay. On its way so that I can have her ready for Hulme End.