Nice Bol come up for sale on eBay

If anyone is interested, I have a similar one, which I will be putting up for sale in March. It comes with Krauser luggage, rack including rear rack for a krauser top box (not supplied), and 2 krauser panniers. (K2 series I believe). I have had the DRP oil mod fitted, and the cams are in good condition. Mileage is about 30K. It has road tax and MOT, and is a good runner. The only “fault” that I am aware of, is that it could do with a new collector box. Exhaust system is original. The result of this is that you can hear some engine noises from cold, but when it has warmed up, it sounds really sweet. If anyone is GENUINLY intersted then let me know, otherwise you will see it being advertised in March. On the other hand if it doesn’t get sold, then can anyone tell me where I can get a collector box from, custom made if necessary.
Thanks John

I have a stainless steel collector box left over after i had a batch of 10 made a few years ago.Not cheap tho’.£200 with the gaskets for the rear down pipes.

Thanks Crooky,
Is it just the collector box (plus gaskets) or does it have any of the down pipes?
Thanks John

eBay.de. There is a range of collector boxes for sale from fifty quid I got my last one for about a hundred including postage

Let me know how much you want for the bike. Pm or email. Where abouts are you ?

Couldn’t resist it in the end. Photos to follow after. I get it home

Hi I am based just outside Swindon, Wilts. I was after a bit more than the one that was sold on ebay. My local garage who last serviced the bike recently, inspected the cams for me, and stated that there was no signs of wear at all on them, and all the clearances were checked and adjusted as necessary, along with carb balancing etc. If you want to view the bike, then the best thing to do is call me at the w/e, on 01793 850410, or if you give an email address, I can send some pictures to you, but this will not be until the w/e as I am very busy at the moment. It also comes with a baglux tank cover as well, try finding one of those on ebay!
regards John

John, are you in Wootton Bassett ? If so, I think I called round to look at a Katana you had for sale about a year ago ? You showed me a VF1000 at the back of the garage ?
I live down the road and have my own VF1000FF - partly because of seeing that one.

If its not you - I`ve got a red face, but looking at your phone nos “850” is from around that area - as mine is.


radical… have you gone and bought another vf ???

Hi Martin,
No need to be red faced, as yes that is me. I sold the 650 Katana at about that time. I am looking at selling the F2, to finance another project. In a way I don’t want to sell it, as it is such a great bike to ride and pulls like a steam train out of corners, but having 4 bikes, one has got to go!
Cheers John

Hi John,
thats a coincidence - did "Radicalrabbit" buy it from you ? As VFPete says - it looks like he might have ? Anyway, Im smitten with with the idea but really HAVE to stop this illness spreading. I`ve got 4 bikes and a trailer ( one you pull behind a bike) in the garage all needing some kind of work ( and money!)
Good luck with it and if you see my silver /dark blue FF in Bassett anytime give me a wave - chat.
Cheers John

Martin (Tockenham)